Fancy Feet Horseshoeing Service
Kato Wilson
BWFA* Certified Farrier
(623) 570-9987
*Brotherhood of Working Farriers Association

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Fancy Feet Horseshoeing Service

After years of experience shoeing and trimming horses,
Kato has decided to focus on providing Barefoot Hoof Trims.

Kato believes a Barefoot Horse is
natural and has observed it is more comfortable for the horse*.

The cost of a Barefoot Trim is $60.
This includes Leveling and Balancing.

And if you have Kato trim more than one horse in the same appointment, you will receive a $10 per horse
Multiple Horse Discount.

*Some hoof injuries and diseases require your horse be shod. Please consult with a veterinarian if this applies to your horse.

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