Fancy Feet Horseshoeing Service
Kato Wilson
BWFA* Certified Farrier
(623) 570-9987
*Brotherhood of Working Farriers Association

Kato's love of Horses

Fancy Feet Horseshoeing Service
Kato Wilson (623) 570-9987

"Horses' feet are the most important part of the horse. 3 feet = no horse! All must work as balance."
Those words are so true.
 Kato Wilson has dedicated himself to being able to provide the best farrier services possible. 
 He uses specially designed gauges and measuring instruments to ensure optimal balance and comfort for your horse.

Upon request, Kato can also provide you with a report of hoof angles, toe length and what was done to balance your horse.
These reports can be a helpful tool in monitoring your horse's hoof health.

 Kato trained at the Tucson School of Horseshoeing under the tutelage of BWFA* Certified Farrier Jeff Fisher and
BWFA* Certified Master Farrier George Goode.
He graduated with the highest final test scores in the history of the school.
Kato is a BWFA* Certified Farrier.

Kato's love for horses, his dedication, reliability and professionalism make him a stand out in the horse community.
Horses need hoof care every 6 - 8 weeks,
 so call or email Kato for an appointment today - Your horse deserves his special care.
Remember... "Healthy Feet = Happy Horse"

*Brotherhood of Working Farriers Association

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